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Miami Mice will present at the fourth annual BioPharm America partnering conference

Boston, U.S., July 29, 2011. Miami Mice Research Corp will present at the fourth annual BioPharm America partnering conference on September 8, 2011 at 2 pm at the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

BioPharm America is the largest international event dedicated to partnering held in North America. The event showcases the most promising life science companies in the industry, helping to make BioPharm America the premier event for striking deals and raising capital.

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Miami Mice presented at DFAIT's Technology Growth Initiative in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario Canada, May 2, 2011. Miami Mice Research Corp participated in the TGI Business Bootcamp, held in Toronto on May 2, 2011. The event was organized by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, the Trade Commissioner Service, Miller Thompson and KPMG. The event provided an opportunity for Miami Mice to pitch its business plan to Canadian and American panelists and investors.



iZAP-puro and iZEG-puro, the next generation of expression vectors, go to market

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Apr. 12, 2011. Miami Mice released its next generation of transgenic vectors today. These vectors are based on the iZAP and iZEG vectors, which provide Cre-dependent expression of transgenes. The constructs allow the researcher to monitor transgene expression before and after Cre recombination, through the use of reporter genes. In the new vectors, the exchange of neomycin resistance genes in iZAP and iZEG for puromycin resistance in iZAP-puro and iZEG-puro allows a researcher to generate and select for targeted knock-in transgenic animals. The benefit of generating targeted knock-in mutations is that the new mutant gene will be subject to the same expression control as the original transgene.

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Miami Mice attends BioPartnering North America 2011

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Feb. 26, 2011. Miami Mice Research Corp is attending a two day conference aimed at offering partnering opportunities for life science innovators and investors. BPN attracts senior business development executives from around the globe in order to offer a targeted approach to the best life science partnering opportunities. For Miami Mice, attending BioPartnering North America will allow it to engage potential investors and to meet with other companies in Canada’s biotechnology industry. Miami Mice will focus on securing funding for the further validation and identification of lung cancer biomarkers aimed at its early detection.



Biotech company Miami Mice battles cancer with genetically modified mice

Jan. 4, 2011  Miami Mice has been featured in the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade website. Our story was used as an example of a life science company in the beginning stages of global expansion. Read the full article at:



Miami Mice arrives on the German biotechnology scene

Miami Mice has been featured in several German publications that cater to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life science industries, including:


BIOforum: a bi-annual publication that reports on trends and technologies pertinent to R&D in the biotechnology and pharma sectors. Dr. Lobe was interviewed by BIOforum for this issue (Mar . 10, 2011) a leading publication for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries (Jan. 14, 2011) a website that highlights solutions for research and development (Jan. 12, 2011)



Miami Mice makes its entrance in Japan

Miami Mice has also been featured in several Japanese economic and biotechnology publications and websites including:


Nifty Business: features news for business executives (Jan. 28, 2011) a news site that caters to the medical and health industries (Jan. 28, 2010)

Field Promotion News: a site that publishes local and international corporate news (Jan. 28, 2010)

Business Goo Ex: a website with up to date business news (Jan. 28, 2010)

Biz Samurai: a Japanese news website (Jan. 28, 2011)

Zaikei Shimbun: a website that caters to management skills for SMEs (Jan. 28, 2011)



Lung cancer biomarkers are validated in human samples

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Dec. 12, 2010. Miami MIce Research Corp has achieved an important milestone in the commercialization of its lung cancer biomarker panel. The first set of biomarkers were validated in human patient serum by comparing biomarker expression in normal versus tumor samples. The majority of biomarkers accurately stratified the samples into normal and cancer states, which validated the original mouse studies. “These results confirm the utility of our proprietary lung cancer mouse model,” Miami Mice CEO Dr. Corrinne Lobe said. “Going forward, we will be expanding our biomarker panel and increasing the power of our human validation by using more human samples. In addition to identifying important biomarkers for lung cancer, we are also identifying genes that are involved in the molecular pathology of lung cancer. This will contribute to elucidating the mechanisms of lung cancer development.”



Miami’s Mice arrive at TCP

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 16, 2010. Miami Mice Research Corp’s lung cancer mouse models have arrived at the Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics at the Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Centre in Toronto’s Discovery District. The mice will be used to identify additional lung cancer biomarkers, which will then be validated in patient samples. The mice will also provide a valuable tool for drug discovery and testing. CEO Dr. Corrinne Lobe says that by identifying additional biomarkers, Miami Mice will contribute to the growing knowledge of lung cancer gene signatures, which will lead to improved lung cancer detection and treatment.



Miami Mice attends BioTrinity 2010

Newbury, UK, Apr. 12, 2010. Miami Mice Research Corp was part of a select Canadian contingent invited to Biotrinity 2010 from April 12-14 in Newbury, UK. BioTrinity is UK's premier biopartnering and investment conference, with more investors than any other UK conference. The event is a two day conference with panels, workshops, presentations, exhibitions, and private partnering meetings for companies from the life science industry. Miami Mice will use this conference to meet with investors and partners as it continues to develop its lung cancer early detection kit.



Miami Mice wins NRC-IRAP Research Project funding

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 3, 2010. Miami Mice Research Corp has been awarded funding from the federal government to push the commercialization of its lung cancer diagnostic kit. The funding, provided by the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program, will allow Miami Mice to validate its biomarker panel and to hire personnel to develop the company’s marketing strategy.



Miami Mice moves into MaRS Centre

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Aug. 1, 2009. Miami Mice Research Corp. has relocated its headquarters to the MaRS Centre in the Discovery District of Toronto. MaRS has established itself as a hub for Canadian science, technology, and social entrepreneurial innovation. The strategic goal of MaRS is to build great companies, strengthen Canada’s global innovation brand, and develop a vibrant innovation hub by providing its clients with business and marketing advisors. Miami Mice COO Michael Allain says, “The resources at MaRS will help Miami Mice gain access to the support and funding needed to commercialize our product and to be part of the exciting innovation taking place in Canada.”



Miami Mice identifies a novel panel of biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer

Toronto, Ontario, Canada Jan. 13, 2009. Miami Mice Research Corp. announced the discovery of a panel of protein biomarkers that could be used in the early detection of lung cancer. The biomarkers, identified through mouse studies, show high correlation with development of the disease. Miami Mice is developing a lung cancer signature into a diagnostic kit for the early detection of lung cancer.


Currently, the majority of lung cancer cases are detected in late stages, when the tumors have spread to lymph nodes or metastasized to distant sites. Tumors with these characteristics are more difficult to treat; this is reflected in the 5-year overall survival rate for lung cancer, which is less than 10%. Dr. Corrinne Lobe, CEO of Miami Mice and principal investigator of the study, hopes the early detection of lung cancer will lead to more effective, targeted treatments, and to increased survival for patients.


About Miami Mice

Miami Mice Research Corp was founded in 2007 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the MaRS Centre, the hub of academic and medical research institutes in Toronto.